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What restrictions are their concerning tandem skydiving near Rugeley?

The minimal age for a tandem skydive is 16 with parent consent. Their are also weight restrictions.

Anyone aged 40 or above or with medical conditions will need permission from their doctor to partake in skydiving.

Why might my skydive experience near Rugeley be postponed?

The primary concern of the experts in skydiving near Rugeley is your safety and the skydive instructor may choose to postpone your jump if weather conditions are not suitable for a jump.

As skydiving instructors are trained professionals, we hope that customers will respect their judgement.

Skydiving Rugeley

We offer professional skydiving experiences throughout the UK which are accessible from Rugeley.

With parachuting airfields located all across the UK, their is bound to a skydiving centre covering Staffordshire for your requirements.

The skydiving centres near Rugeley operate to the highest standards in safety under the regulation of the BPA. The skydiving instructors have years of skydiving experience.

We also offer parachute jumps at the airfields throughout the UK.

Skydiving is a great experience for any thrill seeker and some venues offer video recording services so that your skydive experience near Rugeley can be shared with friends and family.

Contact us today to enquire about skydiving near Rugeley in Staffordshire by simply filling in the skydiving with your contact details and skydiving requirements.

Please note we need your address so we can send you a brochure with further information on the skydiving experiences near Staffordshire.

Skydiving near Rugeley

Skydive Experience Rugeley and Staffordshire

Skydiving near Rugeley is a incredible experience for anyone seeking a adrenaline fuelled through the skies of Staffordshire.

The most popular skydiving option we provide is tandem skydiving near Rugeley.

When you arrive at the parachute jumping centre near Rugeley you will be issued with the appropriate skydiving equipment.

You will be given a safety briefing, practice some techniques required for your tandem skydiving jump near Rugeley, and then take your tandem skydive from approximately 10000 to 15000 feet whilst safely strapped to a BPA tandem skydive instructor.

We would not offer skydiving experiences near Rugeley if they did not adhere to a strict set of safety practices.

Skydiving has far less injuries proportionally compared to other extreme sports and to give idea of how safe skydiving near Rugeley is:

• BPA are the most safety conscious skydiving association in the world.
• Every person who jumps on one of the skydiving experiences is equipped with the latest safety equipment such as helmet and parachute (normal and reserve)
• Regular checks and maintenance servicing are made on skydiving equipment by a qualified BPA rigger.

As such during your skydiving experience, all you need to worry about is what to look at during your exciting skydiving experience near Rugeley.

To enquire about a skydiving experience near Rugeley simply fill in the skydiving form with your contact details, group size, and skydiving requirements.

Please note we need your address so we can send you a brochure with further information on the skydiving courses near Staffordshire.

We will then contact you back shortly to arrange a incredible skydiving experiences.

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i want to sky dive with my girlfriend for her 29th birthday but i also want to propose just before we jump i would like to get a film of me proposing then both of us jumping and make a video of the whole thing. can this be arranged the date has to be 5th january x do you have many cancelled jumps due to weather what would be cost of jumps and video pictures can you get back to me asap please. many thanks gavin